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A Lifelong Pursuit

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"Two Wooden Ships at Sea" by James Picard

“Two Wooden Ships at Sea” by James Picard

This painting I did titled “Two Wooden Ships at Sea” has insight into my own personal artistic journey. Like many European colonists, who risked death, starvation, storms and disease in order to get to the “New World,” I have chosen to raise the bar in terms of what an artist can do.

I choose to master all mediums and push the boundaries of what can be accomplished by an artist. I have pushed myself beyond my physical limits and paid the price for that, but have accomplished what many have not. Mine is a lifelong pursuit and I hope to be able to leave a legacy that just may indeed change, not only how we view art and the artist, but how we look at the world as well.


The Power of Creativity

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I have always been compelled to create. Drawing always came naturally to me, even at the young age of three, so I guess I was “born to be an artist” (so to speak).

I became aware of the power of creativity when I would become lost for hours at a time drawing and painting in my youth. It was like a meditative trance and I always felt rejuvenated when I re-entered reality. That awareness of the power creativity had was once again brought upon me when my father, feeling threatened by my artistic compulsion, gathered up my art and burned it in the fireplace in front of me.

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An Artist’s Unflinching Look at Pain Will Find a Temporary Home in Alcatraz

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VANCOUVER, BC – The Dark and the Wounded, the newest series from Canadian artist James Picard, will kick off its global tour on May 5 in San Francisco at Alcatraz Prison.The Dark and The Wounded is an experiential art show that travels to the world’s most troubled and controversial places. This multimedia event features paintings by Picard, along with a custom soundscape designed by world-renowned composer Jeff Danna. It will be filmed for a documentary, which will be released in late 2016.

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Forget White Cubes and Everything You Know About the Art World James Picard’s Global Art Tour is a Radical, Stunning Departure from Tradition

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In the contemporary art world, white cubes and spare spaces abound, providing a blanched background for the artwork. Forget about all that. Canadian artist James Picard’s new series is a radical, stunning departure from that tradition. That work will debut in Picard’s global art tour, which kicks off in his hometown, Vancouver.

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