2nd Annual “State of the Art” Exhibition by James Picard

James Picard will be exhibiting his paintings at his 2nd Annual “State of the Art” event at the Terminal City Club in downtown Vancouver on May 27, 2016.

The exhibition will include works from every phase of his renowned 40-year career, showcasing his immense talent as a painter and letting viewers see first-hand his extraordinary range and definitive style. Tapas and refreshing drinks will be offered to all guests.

First 200 tickets sold will receive a hand painted print (valued at $300) signed by James Picard.


May 27, 2016

Private Film Screening : The Dark & The Wounded

James Picard is an artist with not only incredible talent but vision as well. In a career that spans close to four decades Picard has exhibited his art worldwide and to such high acclaim, it has been hung beside some of the great masters including Picasso, Matisse and Warhol.

His groundbreaking new series of work, “The Dark and The Wounded” takes us on a disturbing yet eye-opening journey. The message and undertone of these paintings lead the viewer to join Picard on an in depth look into the human psyche where many fear to go, but as Picard himself states, “Beyond Fear, There is Freedom”.

Picard has displayed the series in abandoned prisons and asylums across North America which not only lead to a multitude of challenges but opened up some amazing moments that were captured on film. Picard’s end goal for the North American tour … The first ever paintings hung in the most notorious prison in human history…Alcatraz.

Los Angeles, California – Summer 2016
New York – Fall 2016
Toronto – Fall 2016

Picard Book Launch and Signing

James Picard will be launching his new series of Ink Drawing Books from his Granville Street Studio in Vancouver and will be available to personally sign your copy

June 2016

The Dark & The Wounded Touring Exhibition : Fall 2016/Spring 2017

“The Dark & The Wounded exhibitions are a voice and each painting a mirror that touches on the fears we have inside of us. It enables us to look inward to see the darkness we need to heal within ourselves” -James Picard

London, England
Paris, France
Limoges, France
Berlin Germany
Antwerp, Brussels

Art Exhibition Los Angeles, California

A wide selection of Picard paintings in various mediums will be exhibited and for sale

March 2017